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Start earning today with investments from $109,999

Nestled within DAMAC Hills and overlooking lush golf and park views, your next acquisition awaits With instant monthly earnings of up to $3,571.42 on luxury
pre-leased apartments in a vibrant community, look forward to ready investments, served up just for you.

As with any investment, be prudent and well-informed. Seek professional advice, understand the real estate market dynamics, and prioritize transparency in your dealings. With determination and a smart plan, you can turn your Dubai property into a lucrative investment that brings you closer to your financial goals. Happy investing!

Investing Program with unit share percentage starting from

Paying $5000 $10000 $20000 $50000
Monthly return
(Share Percentage 5%)
$166 $333 $666 $1666
84 Month return
(by the end of the contract)
Total return
(for 7 years)
$34000 $68,000 $136,000 $340,000

Investment program for one person without partners starting from

Paying $109k
Monthly return $3,571.42

All you need to do is just paying the down payment and don’t worry about your monthly payment any more

Akoya investment will renting your unit for 7 years( 84 month ) for fixed monthly rent $4500 starting from the first day you buying the until

%0 TAX
%0 HOA
%0 Unit management

Your unit monthly payment will be paid every month and check will send to you every month $928.58 for 7 years ( 84 month )

We will pay for you all your monthly payment, and paying you good profit every month too without any hiding fees, without any surprise , believe it %0 TAX for ever


After 1 year your investment is $164k


After 2 years your investment is $218k


After 3 Years your investment is $272k


After 4 years your investment is $326k


After 5 years your investment is $380k


After 6 years your investment is $434k


After 7 years your investment is $488k

  • Passport
  • Copies of entry and exit stamps for the last 3 years
  • Copy of any visa obtained in the last 3 years
  • Movement certificate from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificates of children (if applicable)

We will prepare a form and send it to you, duly authenticated by your country's foreign ministry. Afterward, we will send it to your bank for approval to transfer the currency from the local currency to the dollar at the bank's rate.

Once the transfer is completed to the Dubai Land Department, you will sign the purchase contract. Then, we will arrange a lease contract for the unit, consisting of around 13 pages. Finally, you can apply for the golden residency in Dubai. You will leave your passport after signing it at the embassy, and it will be sent to you within 5 weeks along with the residency permit.

As for the U.S. investment visa, there are fees of $2,000. You will deposit this amount into CIB Bank under the label "E1-E2 Visa" for the U.S. embassy. You will send us the deposit slip

Within 180 days, we will set an appointment for you at the U.S. embassy. They will contact you during this time. Meanwhile, we will have sent you 6 monthly payments and partnership information to prove that you are an investor here. After obtaining the visa, your passport will be sent to you via FedEx, and then we can start adding family members.

Each family member will need $280 for fees. The investment visa will be renewed every 24 months with the same amount. After four years, you can apply for a Green Card, and after 5 years of having the Green Card, you can apply for citizenship

The investment visa requires at least one visit to the U.S. every 6 months, even if it's for only 24 hours within U.S. territory; otherwise, the visa will be canceled.

Finally, the company will not directly receive any money. All financial transactions will go through the Dubai Land Department, the UAE embassy, or the U.S. embassy. Even the renewal fees for the U.S. visa will be directly transferred to USCIS or the U.S. Immigration Office

This process ensures credibility, adherence to legal procedures, and the safety and rights of all parties involved."

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